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    We have the markets to bond all types of contracts for all classes of business.

    Don’t Lose Insurance Business because you can’t place the bonds! If you are unable to obtain bonds for any of the following reasons, we can help:

    The financial statement of the applicant does not meet the criteria required by your current carriers.
    The applicant has not been in business long enough to establish surety credit.
    The applicant has not successfully completed a job of equal size.
    The applicant’s business is a class considered to be hazardous to your carriers.
    The applicant’s personal or corporate credit is not acceptable.

    We have been specializing in underwriting and securing Hard to Place Bonds. We have a reputation for quick turnarounds at competitive rates. We’ll explore every way to have your submission approved.

    Our expertise gives us the ability to service agents quickly and effectively with the following types of bonds:

    Contract Bonds
    Miscellaneous Bonds
    Subdivision Bonds
    Environmental Bonds