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    Pramana Capital Pty Ltd has strategic alliances with gold bullion private offerings as well as gold mines across the globe. If you are looking for Dore or Bullion we have sources that can fulfill the needs of most investors.

    For Gold Dore we have alliances with mines that can start off with a test tranche of 200 kilograms (with rolls and extensions) and also offer hallmarked gold. Our gold bullion sources can start off with two metic tonnes with rolls and extensions.

    The gold sources we work with have locations across the globe from Asia, Europe (Switzerland), the UK, South America, Central America, Africa, to the USA and beyond.

    If you have a qualified buyer or seller of Gold Bullion, Dore and other commodities then feel free to contact us. Note, we receive many offers and our sources have a variety requirements and procedures.

    We have relationships with mines across the globe that can provide quantities of Gold Dore starting at 25 kilograms for an initial test tranche. They also offer Swiss and other procedures.

    The Gold Mandates we work with provide 5 metric tonnes as an initial tranche with rolls and extensions from 200 metric tonnes and beyond.

    We have strategic relationships with various commodities from rare earth metals, minerals, precious stones, clean and metallurgical coal.