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    We, as monetizers of bank instruments, can help you monetize your letters of credit, the level of the rate is variable according to the classification of your banking institution if it is in the top 10, 20, etc ... We immediately offer LC rates up to 80% release of funds and sometimes more depending on the issuing bank, which must be included in 25 Top Banks.

    Through a strategic partnership with excellent financial organizations, we provide you with the necessary financial services and logical, fast, and above all effective solutions to all your business and financial problems by guaranteeing you professional support to achieve your intended business objectives.

    We monetize bank guarantees (BG), standby letters of credit (SBLC or SLOC), bank drafts, medium-term notes (MTN), and certain long term notes (LTN) for our clients. To monetize a banking instrument, you must be in possession of the BG, SBLC, Bank Draft, MTN, or LTN.

    We have a highly experienced support team who will work with you to understand your needs and discuss the functionality of the different products available.

    Thanks to our close collaboration with high-level international financial platforms, our banking instrument monetization service (BG: bank guarantee or SBLC: standby letter of credit) is able to liquidate valid bank instruments issued by all institutions or all banks by converting them to legal tender = cash.

    Monetization can be completed through non-recourse (no repayment) of recourse (agreed terms of loan repayment).

    Both options have an LTV (loan-to-value) which is provided upon commencement of compliance and

    All financial instruments received must be verified and controlled before any procedures knowing that we do not take any consulting and audit fees.

    We accept banking instruments practically in all areas of development and trades acceptable worldwide for monetization, namely:

    Real estate
    Energies and sustainable development
    Trading (raw materials, etc.)
    Infrastructure and works of art

    and any other project likely to interest our financial partners (banks, financial institutions etc ...) Private Family offices, Private Equity can also offer solutions to your projects.